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The World Science Association serves as an intermediary between the world's scientists and its most advanced scientific research, journals, and articles. The WSA supports individual scientists (both self-taught and educated), agencies, non-profit organizations, institutions, colleges, and research companies from any continent, country, providence, state, or city. Without the influence of governments or other political distractions, modern scientists are given freedom to explore their area of study and have their observations recorded into the WSA database (after strict board review). The WSA database provides global access to priceless data from a multitude of scientists around the world.

World Science Association

The WSA Structure

The WSA has done some experiments of our own. We found when scientists, skilled or inexperienced, are provided digital access to research and academic materials for free that it breaks down barriers and boosts innovation. Global scientists must have fast access and comprehensive information from fellow scientists at their fingertips. Imagine what the world's brightest citizens can accomplish when they can collaborate without restrictions or limitations.

If you're a scientist interested in accessing and contributing to WSA's broad scientific research collection, send us an email with your request and we will provide you with application instructions.

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