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The World Science Association serves as an intermediary between the world's scientists and the most advanced scientific research, journals, and organizations. WSA works with individual scientists, agencies, non-profit organizations, institutions, colleges, and research companies from any continent and nearly any country, state, or nation. Without the influence of government or other political pressure - and with deep focus upon rigorous method - modern scientists are allowed an opportunity to explore their area of specific study and, when warranted, register their own findings with WSA, whose databases provide access to observations, methods, and results from a multitude of scientists around the world.

World Science Association

The WSA Structure

The WSA has done some experiments of our own. We found that when scientists are provided digital access to research and academic materials that it can boost innovation and save time. Like with anything else, there's a balance to be struck; but the world's scientists must have fast access and comprehensive information from fellow scientists at their fingertips - with a minimum of red-tape and unrigorous fluff.

If you're a scientist interested in accessing and contributing to WSA's broad scientific research collection, send us an email with your request and we will provide you with application instructions.

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